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68000 docs

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there is a bunch of stuff on:-

This covers the linker,locator,formatter and mapper etc.

The assembler is "Motorola standard" and as such doesn't require 
documentation, or at least that is what they told me. However there is a 
motorola "MAcro assembler manual" available from motorola, nobody I know
has a copy that is up to date.

The intermetrics C compiler documentation is in my office, and the 
greenhills is available from the vax, ask mike mahar where it is.

	Hope you find the stuff, any problems with the intermetrics stuff
	let me know.

		Bye for now.

<empty subject>

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Ed Logg has the most complete set of 68k documentation.
Perhaps he'll let you xerox is.

68K software tools

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I have a copy of the documentation that you are welcome to borrow
for copying.  There appear to be 3 "books" with disinformation in them.

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Dec 17, 1984