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1st Notice of ECN's Against SYSTEM I Board Sets

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Here's the first notice to Engineering of published ECN's against the 
SYSTEM I board set.  I'm mailing this to the engineer's and technicians 
involved in the project, to Chris Downend because he's the overall 
Project Leader on this one, and to the "unattached" programmers who 
may not have a technician or engineer looking out for their board.
If you want to be deleted from this distribution list would you scan 
the list to make sure that someone is looking out for you before requesting

Two ECN's (#11963, 11962) are fully released against the TTL Main
Board.  A constructively edited copy of the ECN's is available for
XEROXing at the System I H/W Bulletin board in Minh's lab.  Please update your
boards and mark them with the ECN numbers.
The 2 1% resistors for the intensity circuit (ECN 11963 page 4) have not 
arrived as samples yet.  Trim your own or wait.


_SANDY::_PAAUW!        [117,000] SOFTWARE @DON PAUUW            

_KIM::_BRAD!         [053,000] SOUNDS   @BRAD FULLER          
_KIM::_DOWNEND!      [037,000] PROJ_OFF @CHRIS DOWNEND        
_KIM::_HOFF!         [052,000] HARDWARE @MORGAN HOFF          
_KIM::_LY!           [057,000] HARDWARE @SAM LY               
_KIM::_MAHAR!        [060,000] SOFTWARE @MIKE MAHAR           
_KIM::_MARGOLIN!     [062,000] HARDWARE @JED MARGOLIN         
_KIM::_MCCARTHY!     [064,000] HARDWARE @PAT MCCARTHY         
_KIM::_MOORE!        [067,000] SOFTWARE @RICH MOORE           
_KIM::_NGUYEN!       [126,000] TECH_SUP @MINH NGUYEN          
_KIM::_RITTER!       [026,000] SOFTWARE @JACK RITTER          
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Nov 20, 1984